An Introduction

ASK Group is a renowned financial services group and a leading industry player in wealth and investment management, catering to some of the most affluent families in India. Started in 1983, we're known for our strong research-based investment management, asset management, private equity, wealth advisory and multi-family office businesses. We are a passionate team committed to manage your wealth while building you an everlasting legacy.

Group History

We currently have ten offices in India, through which we service our clients. We also have an office in Dubai which manages clients in GCC and Africa, along with an office in Singapore, responsible for real estate and equity investments made in India.

We believe in building more with your wealth, using years of expertise, a disciplined approach and a set of values:


Whether in advice, asset selection or investment process, we never compromise on quality.

Long-Term Focus

We strongly believe in building long-term value, rather than delve in opportunistic or speculative investment gimmicks.

Knowledge and Research

We take pride in our disciplined and well-researched approach when it comes to managing your wealth.


We are a company with over 30 years of experience in the Indian financial market, spearheaded by financial experts and industry professionals with abundant expertise, handling and managing your wealth.

Risk Managed

We know how important your wealth is to you, and that is why we take special care to minimise any risk, while we deliver qualitative growth with your wealth.


To earn your trust, we believe in following a completely transparent process in all corresponding transactions.

Our values are fashioned not only to help achieve your financial goals, but also to build and maintain a strong, meaningful relationship. The kind that lasts long.