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ASK Foundation

Along with helping people build legacies out of their wealth, ASK Group also believes in building a legacy of social progress. A legacy that empowers people and uplifts communities. This led to the conception of ASK Foundation - the corporate social responsibility arm of ASK Group (registered with the Charity Commissioner of Mumbai, November 2008).

The ASK Foundation works on developing livelihoods by collaborating with social entrepreneurs and NGOs, supporting them on a financial and capacity building basis, to help scale and execute their ongoing projects.

A Personal Commitment

While ASK Foundation was established in 2008, our promoters, Sameer Koticha, in their own personal capacity have contributed to social organisations and NGOs for over two and a half decades, empowering individuals and communities. These initiatives have remained synonymous with the activities of ASK Foundation.

Our Initiatives

  • ASK Group joined hands with Habitat for Humanity and helped build 1480 houses for the underprivileged
  • A lot of government maternity hospitals may have the capability but lack the diagnostics equipment to cater to pregnant women. Realising this need, ASK Foundation and its partner organisation, SNEHA, installed necessary medical equipment in three government maternity homes and one government hospital in Mumbai
  • ASK Foundation partnered with Olympic Gold Quest to identify athletes who could be India's future Olympic medalists and supported their coaching, equipment, dietary and medical expenses along with other requirements
  • ASK Group has taken the responsibility to build a world class convention centre for Mumbai University. It has stemmed from a philosophy of contributing to the growth of one of India's most revered educational institutions
  • ASK Group has also joined hands with Sunbeam, an NGO that works towards educating the children of slum dwellers and construction workers through primary and secondary levels
  • The group also supports the Cancer Patients Aids Association and is an associate partner for their annual fund raiser since over 3 years
  • The ASK Group has worked with Yuva Parivartan, an organisation that works with first-time juvenile offenders, by providing education and training of skill sets to enable them to have better means of life once released. The group has conducted this exercise in three prisons till date
  • Life, is an organisation based in Gujarat, which has re-built more than 65 government rural schools, destroyed during the devastating Gujarat Earthquake in 2001. It also has one of the largest blood bank facilities in Saurashtra, amongst many other projects. ASK Group has supported two schools in the region and as a result of an overwhelming response and growing student demand, it continues to support the expansion of its facilities.