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ASK Investment Managers

ASK Investment Managers Limited (ASKIM) is a leading asset and wealth management company primarily catering to the HNI and UHNI market in India. We were one of the first companies to obtain a portfolio management services license in India and currently the largest company in both discretionary listed equity portfolio management services and discretionary equity overall portfolio management services according to assets under management as of March 31, 2020.

We invest exclusively in listed Indian equities for our clientele who are India domiciled, as well as offshore, through segregated accounts and commingled funds.

In essence, we provide:
  • Singular focus on listed Indian equities
  • Purely discretionary investment management
  • Focus on mindset alignment and philosophy match during client selection

Our current clients include HNIs, Institutions, Pension Funds, Endowments, SWFs, Family Offices and Multi-Managers

Our Philosophy

Our core philosophy at ASK Investment Managers revolves around two key aspects: first achieve capital protection (over time) and then follow it with capital appreciation. We seek to invest in Indian equities that run high quality businesses, operated by a high quality management, enjoying sustained long-term growth prospects at fair and reasonable prices.

Overarching Investing Philosophy and Principles:
  • Greater certainty of earnings v/s. mere quantum of earnings growth
  • Superior and consistent quality of earnings v/s. mere quantum of earnings growth
  • High quality at a reasonable price v/s. inferior quality at an arithmetically 'cheap' price
Our Investment Approach ensures:
  • Pricing the value rather than valuing the price
  • A disciplined investing into outstanding businesses
  • Building a portfolio of compounding opportunities
  • Buy 'growth' businesses at 'value' prices

Our approach is not to buy mediocre businesses at cheap prices, but high-quality businesses at fair prices. Further to this, our Key Investment Attributes work towards carving out investment strategies that target a defined objective and attain a specific characteristic.

Key Investment Attributes

Size of opportunity

  • Size of Pond v/s. Size of Fish
  • Dominance
  • Resilience
  • Liquidity


  • High quality of business
    (superior RoCE)
  • Strong moat, impregnability
  • Sustainability
  • Key pivot of strong wealth creation


  • Quantum
  • Consistency
  • Durability
  • Predating (Early v/s. Later)
  • Compounding power


  • Favourable price-value gap
  • Margin of safety

In addition to the above, good management quality is a given constant.

Our Advantage

"Investing", as Buffett says, "is simple but not easy". It is the implementation of the simple things consistently and with discipline during all market conditions, that requires character, which makes all the critical difference. Our core advantage lies in the disciplined and consistent execution of these 'simple' things and doing them well.

At ASK Investment Managers, we maintain:
  • Disciplined adherence to investment philosophy / process
  • Strong in-house proprietary research
  • Team bandwidth and experience
  • Strong relationships and industry interfaces
  • Comprehensive understanding of Indian businesses and industries
  • Focus on long term performance track record