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Client acknowledges that investment in Equities is subject to various markets, currency, economic, political and business risks including but not limited to price and volume volatility in the stock markets, interest rates, currency exchange rates, foreign investments, changes in government policies, taxation, political, economic or other developments.

Client acknowledges that the Client has chosen to direct onboarding through his own consent and ASKIM, and its employees/directors, etc has no direct/indirect influence on the Client, for choosing to make investment directly with us, so as to avoid conflict of interest.

Client acknowledges the fact that, Portfolio Management is bespoke arrangement between the Client and ASKIM and as such the terms of the agreement including the management /performance fees may vary from Client to Client.

Client acknowledges that, he is making investments from his own legitimate source of income and is aware about PMLA/KYC guidelines. ASKIM reserves the right to call for such documents, post onboarding for KYC /AML check perspective and the Client has to provide the same, pending which, ASKIM may suo moto terminate the Agreement.

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