An Introduction

A venture of the ASK Group, ASK Property Fund (ASK PF) manages and provides advice on real estate dedicated funds. We are a company with extensive investment and asset management expertise, backed by a strong research focus and collective experience of over 100 years. We bring you cutting-edge professional expertise on mortgage finance, real estate, construction and asset management which helps to develop your real estate portfolio.

The ASK Advantage

  • Alignment of Interest: Owner-Manager framework
  • Decades of experience in real estate and financing sector
  • Strong relationships with developers and the real estate industry
  • Control investments with focus on equity returns and multiple
  • Special focus on asset management and execution
  • Proven track record of efficient fund management in real estate

Company Philosophy

At ASK PF, research and risk evaluation is the backbone of our real estate investments. We invest in projects keeping a long-term goal in mind, while focusing on absolute returns rather than relative ones. We help you make decisions and invest in the right projects that benefit you in the long run. Our company philosophy guides us in:

  • Investing mindset to run a marathon rather than a short sprint
  • Research and risk evaluation will be the backbone
  • Growth at reasonable prices
  • Focus on compounding opportunities
  • Location to be the key to investing
  • Sustainable developments
  • Exit options should be evaluated with the following in mind 'Customers buy for their reasons, not yours'