ASK Private Wealth Partner Programme

ASK Private Wealth (ASK PW) operates in a niche client segment of promoters, businessmen, celebrities, professionals, etc. We recognise that references through word-of-mouth and personal contacts are the best way to get introduced to high profile clients. We also realise that the great relationship and trust enjoyed between individual professionals and Financial Advisors is due to multiple generations of contact with such families.

In an endeavour to create a win-win situation for Clients, Advisors and ASK PW, we invite both individual Financial Advisors and professionals to an exclusive and bespoke Partnership Programme.

The ASK PW Partner Programme offers two innovative affiliation options:

Independent Financial Advisor Affiliation Programme

If you are an Independent Advisor who wants to build your business on your own terms, the Independent Financial Advisor Affiliation Programme is ideal for you. Here, you continue to enjoy all the benefits of independently managing your practice while at the same time having access to a vast range of services being offered by ASK PW.


  • You remain the pivotal point of contact in the client relationship
  • Enhance the scale of your business by tying up with a bigger brand and platform
  • Access to proprietary and non-proprietary range of products including equity, mutual funds, portfolio management, structured products, real estate and international products. Access to research / product support and interaction opportunity with fund managers and industry experts
  • Access to state-of-the-art technology, robust service and back end operations system

As a partner, you get all this and more while managing ownership of your clients.

Professionals Affiliation Programme

If you are a well-established professional enjoying a good relationship with UHNI segment of clients, and you wish to leverage your contacts and relationships to earn an additional income without necessarily disrupting your existing occupation, the Professionals Affiliation Programme is best suited for you.

Professional partners are typically lawyers, consultants, chartered accountants (CAs) who enjoy long-term trust and faith of their clients through multiple years of association. Often clients entrust them to refer other service providers in areas not conflicting with their activity.

This Professional Affiliation Programme helps you in introducing ASK PW, a well-established and renowned company specialising in providing Wealth Advisory and Family Office solutions to your clients. This would not only be helpful for your client but would also give you the benefit of an additional revenue stream. The entire client ownership and advisory will be handled by ASK PW and your role would be limited to introducing the client to us.

This model can also be used by existing ASK PW clients who wish to leverage their contacts amongst the UHNI segment and wish to also earn a fee income in the process.

Who should look at partnering with ASK PW?

  • If you are an Independent Advisor managing a portfolio of ₹25 Crores and above or which can be scaled to this level within 2 years
  • If you are a professional / socially active individual with HNI / UHNI contact

Registering for ASK PW's Partner Programme requires you to sign up at least three clients of UHNI portfolio (> ₹10 Crores financial assets) within the first year.