From the Group CEO's Desk

Wealth possesses the potential to be shaped into an everlasting legacy.

At ASK Group, this is our belief - to grow your wealth into something immortal, which would be celebrated for generations to come. We focus on building long-term value out of your wealth, which would not only help achieve your financial goals, but also sign the future with your legacy.

With over three decades of experience in wealth management, we are a company known for strong research-based investment management, asset management, private equity, wealth advisory and multi-family office business management. We are a passionate team of homegrown experts, with decades of experience in the Indian financial market. We deliver wholesome expertise around your wealth and help you grow it further, to fulfil your financial ambitions.

We work hard to create more from your wealth, because when you have more, you can achieve more. With ASK Group, your prosperity opens up to a million possibilities - to leave your signature on the future.

Sunil Rohokale

CEO and Managing Director, ASK Group